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Training Can be Fun!!!!


"Positive Leadership believe in making a learning experience fun"


The team is dedicated to bringing you a unique and fun learning experience and one of the most basic skills we teach is the art of communication.  As you will see from some of the video snippets we take this experience out of the classroom and into the wide world, working with other humans and our equine instructors.


We encourage our attendees to try out new things and working with others, putting your trust in their hands can be quite daunting.  The following snippet shows a simple exercise which explores different means of communication.





Sometimes we find ourselves having to communicate ideas or concepts through a third party or filtered down through a team.  We will show you how to best achieve success and ensure that there are no communication breakdowns.





When working with a team we often come across obstacles which can prove problematic for whatever project you are working on.  We teach you how to adjust yourself and the others around you to deal with any given situation and to maintain good communication throughout.




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