Positive Leadership

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Is it time to get a new map? Gain a better state of mind?.... Perhaps the territory is changing!

We promise to Inspire, Motivate and Empower you….

This is no ordinary Leadership Programme!
The Results will speak for themselves.

We are a designated team of coaches combining 60 years of specialist experience from varying backgrounds with the key aim to assist and work with you to improve your leadership style.

This course is aimed at leaders, business owners, managers and corporate executives. Focusing on the day to day operational challenges you encounter each and every day….

  • Long Hours
  • Increased levels of stress
  • More for less
  • Continuous change
  • Low morale
  • Team dynamics
  • High Targets, tight deadlines
  • People want to be guided by people they respect and who have a clear sense of direction

The horse will only follow a leader who knows where they are going and who is trustworthy.

Develop knowledge and an understanding of your leadership style in a fun and supportive environment. Get a fresh approach to business challenges, and the ultimate self-improvement!

Learning in partnership with horses will allow you to reflect on your own map of the world through the world of the horse! Entering into the world of the horse will provide you with honesty, and clarity. You will be questioning your own maps and how you operate not only in the workplace, but how you live your life!

By the end of the programme you will:-

  • Convey a strong vision of the future and influence your followers to achieve higher results.

  • Communicate on a level that you could never have thought possible.


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