Positive Leadership

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"We endeavour to provide innovative training in personal development.  Our ethos can be applied in all areas be it corporate, private or education and welfare.  We will show you a more positive way forward that not only benefits you as an individual but also others we meet on our journey ahead."




Positive Empowerment - Aimed at individuals who want to make changes to their personal life.


Personal Positive Leadership - Aimed at those who are looking to build on their confidence or need to make a decision on their career path or personal life.


Introduction to Positive Leadership - Aimed at individuals looking for a fresh perspective on what they want from their current job and will prepare them for challenges ahead.


Positive Leadership for Educators - Aimed at teachers, lecturers and trainers who want to receive honest feedback on how they are viewed by their learners.


Positive Leadership for Team Building - A truly unique team building session for your company.


Positive Leadership for Change Management - In depth programme for senior managers and executives who are facing major changes within their team.


Positive Leadership for Executives - Aimed at developing seniors who are facing changes through organisational mergers.





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